1 year, 4 months
52 lbs.
Loves Other Dogs
Loves Kids Over 6

Though we don’t know lots about Mack’s past, what we do know is that this handsome, eight month old pup was passed from one family to another, whose ultimate goal was to find him a forever home.

Thankfully, we found out about Mack and were able to bring him to the safety of our rescue before he got into the wrong hands. And boy, are we ever grateful we did!

Mack lived with two cats and two dogs for the few months before coming to us. And we are happy to report that he is doing well in his current temporary foster home and their two dogs.

Mack’s first day with us entailed a trip to the vet so that we could do all the essentials (vaccinations, heartworm test, microchip and wellness check-up). We are happy to report that outside of some pesky parasites (Coccidia), he passed with flying colors and weighed in at 48 pounds.

Mack is a chill, cuddly boy. Unless, of course, he’s prompted to play. Then, he’s happy to oblige and will gladly get his puppy on! But what is most endearing about Mack is the sweet, old soul quality about him. When we arrived to the vet the first day we got him, a family was saying their good-byes to their family kitty. There was grief and sadness in their eyes and hearts, and the moment the family members began to come out of their room, Mack went over to lend a shoulder. Tears fell on his fur, but his head remained in comfort, giving kisses and hugs trying to help ease the pain in his new friends’ hearts.

And he did just that. For a few brief moments, there was happy in lieu of the sadness of having lost a treasured family member. All because a rescued puppy had to do what he could, in spite of being in a new place with new people, to help heal.

Now to find Mack his forever home and make his holiday dreams come true!

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