On Saturday, July 13, 2013, we picked Dino up from his holding kennel where he was listed as being on the Urgent List. And that Saturday, we spent two wonderful, fun- filled hours with a beautiful and lucky boy as we drove with him on his Victory Ride to his new forever home. His Mom […]

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Though Tank was with us just a couple of short years, we learned much from our journey with this stoic, patient, happy boy. What a precious journey it was!

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It was on bended knee that Midwest Rescue stopped to catch our breath these past few days, for our hearts are bruised and we are hurting. When asked to describe Midwest Rescue, our answer is simple; we are small and we are passionate. We put our hearts in the forefront of what we do and […]

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It wasn’t too long ago that we received an email from a young lady who was asking for help to re-home a pit bull that her younger brother-in-law found in the middle of the night last December. But it was just moments ago that we set our Brian free. His time on earth was done, […]

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On August 30, 2011, one simple moment took the life of our precious girl, Capri, she was hit by a car and killed. Our world stopped for that moment, and for moments after, and on so many levles, our lives were changed. As little as she was, her presence was so large in our world. […]

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What a gentle soul Snoop was! Within just a couple of short years, his family brought Phoebe then Twiggy into their family. These two adoptions were acts of faith. You see, Lynn and her husband had not met either of the girls before they decided to save their lives. Phoebe and Twiggy were on doggie […]

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Addante, “Donnie”, came to us in March of 2004 and spent the next five years waiting for his someone special to bring him home. His dreams came true in January of 2010 and he spent three lovely months of dream fulfilling time with his new family. Donnie was loved, adored. He slept in bed with […]

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