Tail Wags to our Amazing Sponsor of the Pit Bowl!!!

Raise the Barre has definetly done that, their HUGE donation has lifted our spirits and totally blown us away. Please check out their facebook page @raisethebarredanceco  and website,  www.rtbdance.com  for more information.

Raise the Barre Dance Center is dedicated to providing an excellent dance education to dancers ages three to eighteen with quality instructon from qualified teachersin a nurturing and welcoming environment.  Raise the Barre Dance Center was founded on the basis of the RISE Philosophy which endeavors to provide dedicated students with the opportunity to share their passion and love for dance in the learning, competitive and performance arenas, while showing Respect for themselves and others, demonstrating Integrity in their actions, building their Self-esteem, and striving for Excellence.
They are located at 24119 W Riverwalk Ct, Suite 145, Plainfield, Illinois.